About Us

Golden Ocean Shipping Group is one of the leading shipping management service providers within Asia-Pacific region We offer a comprehensive range of services covering shipping buniness, Int’l logistics, ship management, chartering/brokering, seafarers’ training and management, seafarers’ certificate transaction ,vessel repair and maintenance etc.


The Group has four subsidiaries:


Yantai Golden Ocean Shipping Co.Ltd

Yantai Golden Ocean Shipping Agency Co.LTD

Yantai Golden Ocean Seafarers Management Co.Ltd

Yantai Golden Ocean Int’l Logistics Co.Ltd


With each subsidiary specialize in different sectors ,the Group has been dedicating to deliver professional excellence and seeking to thrive with local business over the years.


Our business principles and values







Above is our business principles during these years . In order to do better, we have tried our best . 


To attract and retain the best employees.


Team work, entrepreneurial spirit and integrity have been embodied in our core values of management. We right now recruit five Chief Engineers ,three Captains, and a team of experienced shipment managers.  


To attract and retain the best clients


To meet and maintain the high expectations of our clients,we have taken serious responsibilities to our business. Apart from excellent services provided with our management team, the Group has been building new vessels, to assure a better shipping condition to meet the market’s need.


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